Product features Product parameters VideoZX-GZ3-S  SD Video Tracker
  • ZX-GZ3-S  SD Video Tracker
    Small in size, convenient for integration
    Adapt to image affine transformation caused by high speed movement
    Adapt to target panning, zooming, rotation and partial occlusion
    Adapt to illumination variation

    Border/coast defense detection, locating on power line fault, petroleum and petrochemical leakage point detection, illegal mining surveillance, detection on sources of pollution and emission, target tracking for illegally parking, criminal arresting and security invasion.

  • Video format

    Video input PAL system
    Video output PAL system
    Communication interface RS232/TTL

    Tracking index

    Tracking speed ±32 Pixels / frame
    Target memory tracking function YES
    Tracking characteristics 5%
    Size of target 16×16~128×128 pixels

    Environmental adaptability

    Working temperature -40℃~60℃
    Storage temperature -45℃~65℃


    Weight 38mm × 38 mm ×19mm
    Power consumption <30g
    功耗 <3W(@25℃)